Hypnosis for Children : Child Hypnosis

Children love fairy tales and stories. Fables with educational content have been told to them probably from the beginning of mankind.

Why hypnosis and how it differs? There is, in fact, probably not as much difference as most would expect. Good child hypnosis story tale should be almost undistinguishable from classical narrated fairy tale. The linguistic constructs that are built in shall be almost unnoticable and allow the child to absorb the instructions easily along with the content of the story.

Ther aren't many specialized child hypnosis products on the market. I advise parents to listen to the cd first, shall it be specialized or general one, and make their own judgment whether it is appropriate for their child when it comes to age and understanding.

Later on, I also plan to list hypnotherapists that specialize or have some experience in work with children pacients.