Neil Fiore

Dr. Neil Fiore is an acclaimed psychologist and author of highly popular books in the self-development field (The Now Habit to name just one) and is a leader in the fields of fighting procrastination and achieving higher productivity. Many former procrastinators sing a praise for him and his book that has helped him to free from their procrastination. Now he has also released hypnosis products, which of course guarantee much higher success ratio than the book alone could have, especially by guiding you through various exercises in the relaxed state of higher awareness and information absorption.

He is widely published, author of four books, conducted many seminars for very respected institutes and has an impressive clients list.

His hypnosis credentials include attending seminars led by the legendary Dr. Milton H. Erickson, and serving as a president of The Northern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis in the past.

Currently he has a private practice in Albany and serves as an instructor for California Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in San Francisco.

Products by Neil Fiore, Ph.D.

See more details about his Mental Toughness (to overcome life's challenges, face setbacks and harness the "Can Do" attitude) and Productivity Engineering (to accomplish more in less time, end procrastination and eliminate self-sabotage).