Big brother hypnosis; uncovering what happened; reading and Tourette Syndrome

Big Brother scenarists pretty much think hypnosis is fun and attractive for TV viewers, at least their their idea of what hypnosis is. Wondering whether it was consulted with professionals... see Digital Spy's "Makosi in tears during hypnosis task". RTE also talks about how housemates complete hypnosis task. I didn't (and can't) watch the show, but I think they shall be better talking about persuading instead of hypnotizing someone. But that wouldn't grant that high watch rate numbers, right?

A boy will get hypnotized to uncover what happened, after going thru intensive psychological tests first. He was in a coma for five days after being found unconscious and hanging by his school blazer from the burglar bars in his school's toilets three weeks ago.

Science Daily writes about researchers that used hypnosis to get people forget about their reading abilities. Now they work on another study, using hypnosis with Tourette Syndrome.