Jeannie Kellas about hypnotherapy

Jeannie Kellas, a hypnotherapist with Advanced Alternative Healthcare in Springfield, interviewed about hypnotherapy by News Leader, Springfield, MO. In her opiniont,hypnosis is fast becoming a legitimate alternative solution. (In my opinion, that just sounds too good to be true...)

On the right side to the interview, "facts" about hypnosis are mentioned. I couldn't resist to comment about them:

Hypnosis doesn't work for about 10 percent of the population.

Really? With some hypnotherapists, that even might go up to 90%.

Although hypnosis is safe for most people, the World Health Organization cautions against its use by anyone suffering from a psychiatric condition or an antisocial personality disorder.

Though living on this planet is safe for most people, the WHO cautions you better stay at home and also avoid falling asleep during your life as you might get through the same stages of mind states that people go through when hypnotized.

Well I thought these above cases are just fine for good therapists. Again, it depends on who is doing the treatment, right?

Hypnosis is an aid to therapy, not a therapy in itself. If you are in pain or suffering from an illness, it's important that you seek medical attention.

Sure but people in the field just say so to prevent themselves from any legal responsibility, as they don't enjoy the same level of protection as the usual mental health professional does. In many cases, this "aid to therapy" is the only way how to get cured.