Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Welcome at the Weight-Loss Center of Hypnosis Reviews site. Feel free to explore, or comment, on what I have to say about hypnosis for dieting. Though there are two products recommended (below), feel free to use the resources for your purely information. Being informed is the right you shall demand at any time, before you commit to any purchase, shall it be on this or any other web. Do not make any purchases of hypnosis products without at least a surface knowledge of how it works. We try to avoid the sales hype and only list what and how/why we think it works, as this site is independent from any publisher or author. Recommendations, if any, are being done on purely own experience with the products and their publishers.



Weight control with Roberta Temes


Loosing weight almost effortlessly with Roberta Temes without exerting any extraordinary willpower is the promise behind the product from Hypnosis Network. Roberta Temes is highly qualified psychotherapist and member of the faculty at SUNY Health Science Centre in New York, while Hypnosis Network is becoming the top source of quality hypnosis programs (they only work with highly qualified psychotherapists, top specialists in their respective fields). This is a very new program, published in 2005, but is already starting to receive very positive reviews and testimonials. Part of the program can be listened to online for free - see the above link. This one, again, comes with one year guarantee. You can read more about these products at their publishers pages. We are opening to receive independent reviews from users. I have only personally experienced Wendi Friesen's programs so far, and can vouch for her hypnosis programs to have a solid base. On the other side, Roberta Temes comes with very powerfull therapeutical and professional background.

Weight loss with Wendi Friesen


Wendi Friesen experienced big success with her Weight loss hypnosis cd and dvd set. It was very positively tested in a national tv show against other non-hypnosis solutions, with great result. Dateline show tested several weight control solutions, on real people. One of the participants lost 13 pounds after just one week of using Wendi's hypnosis program. See Dateline ultimate diet challenge for more details. After three months, Marc was still continuing with the program, lost 40 pounds and was emotinally happy, in other words, there was no struggle, no suffering. This is what I belive to be a big point for hypnosis. Second big point is that Wendi offers her program with one year money back guarantee, so that there is nothing to lose (except your weight). Nowadays, I wouldn't touch any hypnosis product that doesn't come from a respectable source and with at least three months guarantee (while one year is starting to become pretty much a standard, anyway).


These two programs (by Roberta Temes and Wendi Friesen) are, in my humble opinion, the best of what is available today.